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My passion for photography started in 1994 on a travel abroad trip to Asia where I discovered the joy of capturing people and the environment.  Ever since this journey, photography has been a vehicle for me to express my creativity and record my travels just like a diary.

This love has evolved beyond capturing my own story to documenting others in a journalistic approach.  I love meeting new people and helping them feel comfortable in front of the lens.  The more comfortable my subjects are, the better the pictures turn out so my main goal is to make it fun, but also like to melt into the background and capture candid photos.

I started photographing weddings & events in 2001, the same year I got married.  Back then I used only film, until digital cameras evolved and where able offer the same quality. People tell me that I have an eye for defining moments. I try to communicate these moment, the story and personalities of the people and how they interact with people and the environment surrounding them.